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Anti Fatigue Mats Brisbane & Gold Coast

Anti-fatigue mats and matting are essential to cut down on days lost to industry, thousands of hours. Anti-fatigue mats and matting don’t just feel good to stand or walk on they keep blood circulating, they soften the effects of standing hard floors on joints, muscles and veins.
Sure anti-fatigue mats and matting are appreciated by your staff and at the end of the day they aren’t complaining about their feet, legs, knees, hips or backs, but that’s a good thing right! Well take it a step further when justifying the meagre cost of supplying anti-fatigue mats and matting for all your staff to benefit from. Think about this, following the daily complaints about their feet, legs, knees, hips or backs, their thoughts will turn to looking for alternate employment as a resolution to the toll on their body and mind.

Anti Fatigue Mats in Brisbane

Figure the real costs associated with staff absenteeism due to ache and pains, minor injuries or in the case of hips and backs, possible major and permanent injuries. Add the costs of having to get new staff and train new staff. Is this over stating the merits of anti-vibration mats and matting – not even close? Want your clients and potential customers to come into your business and get a positive and happy greeting from your staff then look after their comfort. Standing and walking on hard surfaces no matter how good your shoes are leaves you with tired, aching and even swollen/inflamed feet, ankles, calves, legs, knees, hips or backs. Anti-Fatigue mats and matting are an investment and a very small one at that.

Fatigue Matting in Gold Coast

Anti-fatigue matting and mats work like this; Standing and walking on anti-fatigue mats and matting stimulates the muscles in your limbs and they will subtly contract and expand to adjust to the varying compression of the mats - matting This flexibility of anti-fatigue mats is the key to making muscles react which in turn increases blood flow and oxygen channelled through to the heart. Fatigue is significantly reduced. In studies around the world it has been proven that employees who were forced to stand on hard concrete floors over long periods of time suffered significant levels of fatigue and discomfort in the feet, legs, hips and back. Whereas employees standing on anti-fatigue mats and matting recorded negligible fatigue and good comfort levels. Make a very small investment in keeping your employees or yourselves, comfortable, at low risk to body stress and happy with their environment. Ask anyone who has had to Stand for long periods of time on hard floor surfaces how much dis comfort and physical fatigue it causes them. Understand that this is real! Acknowledge that leg muscles become static and constricted working overtime to keep them in an upright position. Blood and oxygen levels are greatly reduced when trying to flow through constricted areas causing discomfort and some pain. The heart has to pump harder causing energy sapping tiredness. Anti-fatigue mats work by stimulating movement i.e. frequent activity of the leg and calf muscles, which in turn, promotes an easier flow of blood - oxygen back to the heart. So all the complaints you hear are based on facts and the proven solution is provision of anti-fatigue mats and matting. OTB Products offers a full range of anti-fatigue mats and matting at very competitive prices. Make a conscious decision to place comfort and protection as a priority for your employees. Your reward will be appreciation from healthier, happier and more productive employees. OTB Products can offer you a full range of Anti-fatigue mats, matting and mat systems for nearly all applications. OTB products has supplied anti-fatigue mats and matting to retailers, major warehouses, entertainment venues, Airports, and shopping centres throughout Australia and New Zealand. Call us on 1300 310210 we will pleased to offer you our best advice based on experience to ensure your satisfaction. Industrial, VIP Topdec, ECO, Engineers and Safety Grip mats are designed for kitchens, bars, food and beverage process areas, engineering workshops, factories, manufacturing plants and they provide comfort, safety and reduce fatigue. Dome and Bubble style mats and matting systems are the number 1 choice for anti-fatigue mats and the Comfortlok and Safetylok bubble and dome matting systems offer anti-fatigue over large areas or in long lengths. Safework anti-fatigue and slip resistant matting system, Solid top and Link warehouse connectible anti-fatigue matting and anti-fatigue Welding mats, collectively cover most applications in Industrial plants.