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Entrance Mats | Indoor Rubber & Commercial Entrance Floor Mats Gold Coast

Entrance mats and matting play a major role in today’s world. Apart from the obvious reason, preventing slips, trips and fall injuries to customers and staff plus litigation issues, there’s the presentation of your business. Judgement is often based on First Impressions and if, at the very entrance of your business, it looks dirty and unkempt then the odds are against potential customers entering. If there’s dirt and debris at the doorstep or a tatty old mat then the customer already has reservations. Everybody wants people to come into their business so it’s vital to make it presentable and safe both for the public and staff.
Quality mats and matting can make a huge difference. These days you’re not short on choices as entrance mats and matting come in a wide range of materials, sizes and colours. OTB Products offer a range of mats and matting for both internal and external use. There are safety rubber mats, carpet covered water absorbing mats, Logo mats and matting, anti-slip rubber mats and recess mat well systems. In selecting the right entrance mats or matting you need to consider width and depth (length) required. Remember that you will get the best result choosing a longer mat because of the number of footfalls – people tend not to stand and wipe their feet so the more foot falls the better. Also consider the fact that it’s well accepted that preventing dirt entering the premises is 7 times less expensive than cleaning up the mess. Some businesses will need external mats, some internal mats and some both. The commercial quality of the mats and matting supplied by OTB Products will see a very low cost of ownership with mats and matting looking good and lasting many years. To purchase the right mats or matting you will need to consider the following;- Size required – width single/double door entrance, sliding, stacker, Bi fold doors. Depth (length) of mat matting, remember those foot falls Thickness of mat matting – is the gap under the door big enough – does it open in or out. If only a small gap under the door – then the thinnest mat, or change to an outside mat or consider a mat well. What surface is the mat matting going on – tile, concrete, wood or carpet. Inside mats, matting Outside entrance mats Inside and Outside mats Inside mats – rubber mats, matting, carpet over rubber mats, matting, Logo Mats, Matting Outside mat – water absorbing mats, matting, mud scraping surface mats, double sided mats, safety grip mats, greaseproof mats All mats and matting we supply, Sole, Classic, Entrymaster, Premier waterhog, Finger tip, PVC, safety grip, Eco, VIP topdec, Scraper mat, Duraclean, Duratred 516, supreme & ribbed can be used on the inside or outside of the entrance with mats and matting with dimples on the back used on carpeted surfaces. Logo on the mats or matting? Logo entrance mats are popular and do look good when looked after. We can offer many colour options to your design. You will need to pay in advance once you have signed off on the design artwork – this is an industry rule. Logo or welcome message – it’s always good to see the welcome sign as you enter a business and these are available in a few styles. Mats and matting come in Rubber, Carpet rubber, carpet, coir, PVC, recessed mat frame/ramp systems, Duratred, Supreme and Ribbed. You can select and order entrance mats or matting from OTB Products and either install or we can arrange installation for you. All mats and matting supplied by OTB Products can be kept looking their best by simply vacuuming and when needed hosed down and left to dry.

Indoor Entrance Mats in Gold Coast

Indoor entrance mats are designed to remove and capture moisture and debris from footwear and as such they need to be hard wearing, durable and easily cleaned. OTB Products supplies indoor entrance mats and matting that are suitable for high traffic shopping centres, public buildings, local shops, high rise holiday apartments, motels and hotels. A wide range of industrial mats and matting are also available for manufacturers, warehousing and service providers to cover both entrance from outside and entrance from workshops and warehouses back into offices. Where entrances are tight on space and mats and matting can only be small then consider an outdoor mat as well and put up a sign ‘please wipe your feet’. When space isn’t an issue look at installing deeper (longer) mats or matting, this will increase the number of footfalls, the more of these the less debris and water is tracked through. When budgeting for your indoor entrance mats or matting look at;- The safety aspect reducing the chance of slips, trips and falls which can result in serious and even permanent injuries – not to mention legal costs. The reduced cost of cleaning your premises – well known fact that preventing water and contaminant coming in is 7 times less than continually cleaning up. The first impressions of potential customers - good quality mats or matting at the entrance to your premise can say a lot about your business. OTB Products with their range of Rubber, carpet over rubber and carpet mats and matting have supplied clients throughout Australia. Indoor entrance mats and matting is drop shipped direct from factory locations in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland and to mines in all States. Anti-fatigue mats and matting that can turn horror days of sore feet, ankles, calves, hips and backs into an almost, ‘walking on clouds’ feeling are available from OTB Products. The second to none Dome mats, Bubble mats or Ergo stance, no matter what you call them have been reducing incidences of injuries, leg tiredness and aches and pains for 2 decades. Anyone who works for long hours standing or walking on hard floor surfaces would confirm that Anti-fatigue mats and matting is a game changer. Don’t let your skilled staff look around for a new job when just by supplying an anti-fatigue mat at the cost of 0.25c per week would have them injury and pain free from standing on solid floors. Retail staff, chemists, machinists, security personnel, warehouse pickers and packers – the list is enormous just about everybody standing or walking on hard floors. OTB Products supplies the Dome, Bubble and ergo stance mat in several sizes along with, Diamond plate closed cell foam matting and Mats with durable PVC surface, anti-slip pattern, Marble top, Décor stand, Cushion rib, armour cushion, Ultimate safety grip nitrile, Comfort FlowECO, VIP Topdec, extendable dome interlock, Safework matting system (versatile floor coverage system), Solid Top and Link mat heavy duty (interlocking system to cover any size) 24/7 welding mat (extendable system) safety alert Spongecote, Kleensweep, Hog heaven, hog heaven fashion, Supreme Sliptech, Safety cushion, Ribbed cushion.

Commercial Entrance Floor Mats Gold Coast

OTB Products will supply and install mats and matting in your entrance(s). Quality mats and matting can provide protection for your customers and staff from slips trips and falls. Durable commercial entrance floor mats and matting will protect your floors and keep them looking good. Cleaning costs for the building will be significantly reduced. Did you know that it is 7 times more costly to clean up rather than prevent ingress of contaminants? Commercial mats and matting offer the right solutions for; staff and public safety, appearance of your entrance and reduced cleaning costs. Preventing water from being carried through onto hard floors tiles, wood, polished cement and coated suffices can avoid injuries and costly law suits. Preventing water from being carried through onto carpet can prevent stains, rot, mildew and smells and the expensive need to replace the carpet. Commercial entrance floor mats and matting are specifically designed to remove, trap and adsorb water and debris from footwear while staying presentable and not succumbing to stains, rot, mildew and smells. OTB Products have provided entrance matting to airports where millions pass through every year. Mats and matting supplied have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in injury payouts and reduced costs against the hiring and placing of loose fitting temporary mats. OTB Products looks at providing customers with the best commercial entrance floor mats and matting solutions to suit the application. Contact us on 1300 310 210 and let us assist you in getting the right solutions.

Commercial Entry Mats

Just buying the best possible mats or matting and placing them in the entrance (even though it is a positive step) could make matters worse. As in all things that provide the desired outcome we need to seek advice and think things through. At OTB we have been supplying commercial entrance floor mats and matting for some10 years and we take experience learned and the advice we offer very seriously. Commercial mats and matting are tougher and more durable than domestic mats and matting. Commercial mats and matting need to handle heavy traffic areas and remain looking good. Consider footfalls on mats matting and why providing for these is more important for commercial premises. When someone calls at your home they actually stand and wipe their shoes before entering. When entering a commercial premise, it’s straight in and no wiping. To ensure that as much water, moisture and dirt are trapped in the entrance mats and matting we have to cater for number of footfalls. 3 foot falls per foot is optimum if the area permits this. Alternatively a rubber entrance mat outside and a 2 footfall mat inside. The surface of commercial entrance floor mats and matting needs to be considered, i.e. surface that will provide either mild or aggressive cleaning of footwear. Then there’s the undersides of mats and matting where consideration to traction or the non-slipping is of paramount importance. While there is a lot to consider, the selection process takes only a matter of minutes and you can be satisfied that you have made the right choice. OTB Products supply mats and matting for surface, inset (mat wells) and Mat Frame/Ramp systems. All types of rubber mat, carpet over rubber mats and matting, large area rolled matting, Duratred, Supreme, Ribbed and Modfit Mat frame systems for mat wells, Entry master Premier and Classic Dureclean, Sole mats, Waterhog, Super-scrape, Multi guard fingertip, OutFront reversible and Logo mats. OTB Products, let us provide you with the best rubber, carpet over rubber or carpet matting solution for you premises. All mats and matting supplied are selected for their performance, durability properties and none of them contain any substances of concern (COC’s).