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Safety Mats in Brisbane & Gold Coast

Safety mats and safety matting play a major role in protecting the industrial and commercial workforce. Generalising, mats are temporarily or semi-permanently laid down on varying surfaces and range in size from 45 x 60cm to 2400x1800cm plus custom made. Matting on the other hand is laid permanently over larger areas and in matting wells. OTB carries a wide range of both safety mats and matting, both rubber and Carpet over rubber, plus offers logo mats/matting.

The Safety Mats We Offer are as Follows:-

Safety Grip safety mats, these are made from tough durable natural rubber, they contain no substances of concern (COC’s) and they have an ergonomic design which provides safety and comfort. These safety mats are tough and will give years of service, sizes 60x90cm and 150x90cm. Our Ultimate version is 100% nitrile rubber which is grease and oil proof. Our Scraper mat, low profile anti-slip surface, designed to ensure removal of dirt from footwear is ideal for aggressive dirt removal and has a stippled back to hold it firmly in place. Available in ends and centres to extend coverage or as a single mat. Size 910x1520x06cm Our Safework matting system enables complete floor coverage with its slender, light weight sectional interlocking design. You can tailor the Safework anti-slip & anti–fatigue mats to suit your needs. Sections are 910x1510x13 and made of extremely durable NBR.

Rubber Safety Mats

Designed for Industrial and commercial conditions our high end and eco range of rubber mats are ideal for the heavy use you get in high traffic areas of manufacturing, engineering, mineral processing and are equally suitable for wet areas in commercial bars, kitchen and food processing plants. Black safety mats are perfect for wet areas and the red terracotta for oil and grease. OTB Products is synonymous with Superior Quality and we are proud to maintain our position as supplier of premium quality mats and matting catering for the Safety, Industrial, Manufacturing, Food Service, Warehousing, mining, government, road/rail infrastructure, agricultural and Retail sectors of the Australasian market. OTB Products supply a huge range of safety mats and matting to ensure that our customers get the correct mats or matting for their application. Here are just some of the types we offer;-

Rubber Grease Super Cheap

Link Heavy duty mat, safety Grip mat, Eco VIP and Industrial wet area and grease proof mats, Comfort and safetylok mats/matting, Safework matting system, Worksafe SP mat, Solid top interlocking matting, D honeycomb heavy duty mat, Scraper mats, Welding mats, CFL fluid resistant engineering mat, ergo stance mat, Ultimate, outfront reversible mat, worksafe mat, comfort flow mat, Safety Scrape mat At OTB Products we believe in supplying products that offer performance and value. High standards of product quality coupled with a focus on good service, this is what we strive for. Ensuring that your staff and customers are safe from injuries caused by slips, trips and falls is always the number one consideration. Doubly important when you consider the legal consequences in today’s society. The next considerations for installing safety mats or matting are the staff welfare, cleaning costs, stock condition and customer perception. Your staff will be happier working in a clean and safe environment. Raw materials and finished goods stock will not be spoiled. Cleaning up costs 7 times more than preventing ingress of contaminates in the first place. Customers seeing a clean and safe area will perceive a professional operation. Collectively all these are benefits which will result in lower costs of operations and higher productivity and sales. Mats and matting can easily justify their worth.