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Geospatial drone solutions provide highly accurate digital deliverables for managers, surveyors and engineers, improving operations throughout the project lifecycle. Drones enable timely decision-making, cost savings, enhanced personnel safety, and optimal efficiency through aerial data collection

Surveying & Mapping

Perform topographic survey and generate a variety of data outputs with greater efficiency and reducing operational cost


Land Survey

Quickly generate accurate 2D and 3D models. Cover more ground, improve safety, and reduce costs

Cadastral Survey

Boost the efficiency of land administration and cadastral processes by using high-accuracy UAS solutions to quickly generate digital models

Urban Planning

Create accurate 2D and 3D models that integrate seamlessly with local geographic information systems, helping teams visualize results


Improve efficiency at every stage of the construction project with highly accurate drone-generated visual data


Progress Management

Track construction progress more efficiently and with streamlined team collaboration using highly accurate drone-generated visual data


Enchance earthwork operations through frequent and accurate earth movement and stockpile volume measurements


Collect accurate information of your assets for Building Information Modeling (BIM) processes with efficient and precise data capture

Heritage Preservation

Create accurate digital reconstructions of historical sites to optimize research and preservation efforts


Optimize mining operations and minimize work site risks through precise, accurate and timely data collection

Mining Survey

Optimize stockpile measurement and pit modeling processes with safer, faster and more accurate data collection alternative than traditional surveying methods

Facade High Wall

Reduce mine risk and enhance operations with frequent and accurate facade high wall modeling

Asset Inspection

Improve asset inspection efficiency with visual and thermal data collection without disrupting ongoing operations

Site Safety

Improve mining safety and optimize operations through work site aerial views and data collection capabilities

Precision Agriculture

Gain crops insights with diverse data sensoring collection for disease control and crop management


Precision Agriculture

Streamline data sampling with timely drone-based collection methods; optimizing crop management and effective disease control