Anti Vibration Gloves

For complete range of available Anti Vibration gloves please use the following link – Application Guide.

NB: Currently there is no Standard to cover Half Finger gloves or Glove Liners. Many user’s choose a full finger glove or liner to cover their trigger finger hand and wear a half finger glove for their other hand. This allows them to pick up small items. In general the non trigger hand is only used to steady work and fingers are not exposed to vibration. This is the reason most of our Anti Vibration gloves are sold singularly. Only the Summerweight style is sold in pairs.

OTB stock the best anti vibration gloves available for sale online.
We aim to ship next day, or sometimes even the same day of receiving an order.
Call 07 5525 2523 for information about shipping or to speak to one of our qualified staff to discuss any aspect of these gloves and their use.
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