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Knee Pads Gold Coast

Ergonomic-anti-vibration-products/knee-pads. OTB Products offer a full range of Ergonomic products for prevention of injuries and for rehabilitation following injuries. Prevention is our first priority but if for some reason, ignorance of the dangers, using badly maintained equipment, companies not supplying proper PPE and worst of all people not wearing PPE supplied, then we have gloves with wrist supports, arm and leg supports and seat pads that can have people back at the jobs they enjoy.
Anti-vibration gloves are a must if you use powered equipment and tools. Hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) covers a multitude of debilitating injuries that can restrict people from carrying out work and pleasure activities. The most common tools at work sites are human hands. Whether operating power tools or heavy equipment, handling and moving materials of all sizes and shapes, assembling products from miniscule to massive, performing maintenance on everything from bicycles to jet aircraft, or any of a nearly infinite variety of jobs, our hands are the critical interface between us and our work. Keeping our hands fully functional means keeping them warm, dry, safe from abrasion and cuts, and protected from impact and vibration hazards. Our Decade line of Anti-Vibration gloves deliver as promised with tested and proven gel technologies and ergonomic design. All full finger gloves comply with both the ANSI / EN/ISO standards Drivers style anti-vibration gloves, ergonomically designed for drivers of heavy plant equipment, buses, trucks, sweepers, compactors, fork lifts, bob cats, water blasting, shot blasting, welding, rattle guns, grinders, needle guns and stone cutters. Made from supple cowhide the shell gives excellent abrasion resistance and durability. Bolton thumb insert, fluted fingers, tailored cut for full range of motion without fatigue. Kevlar stitching provides burst-resistant seams. Premium ‘safety cuff’ style anti-vibration gloves – designed for use with Heavy duty Jack Hammers, concrete saws and whacker packers. Durable, abrasion-resistant top-grain cowhide outer glove offers heavier protection compared to our Driver style gloves. The extended safety cuff covers sleeve-ends to help keep out debris and sparks and allows for quick removal of glove. Leather-over-foam pad gives extra protection over knuckles. Kevlar® stitching for burst-resistant seams. Gunn-cut for correct fit helps promote proper grip while reducing hand fatigue. Durable, abrasion-resistant top-grain cowhide outer glove offers heavier protection compared to our Driver style gloves. Scoop-back sport cuff offers adjustable closure over wrist and open back for maximum comfort. Premium ‘Sport’ Cuff style anti-vibration gloves designed for use with Heavy duty Jack Hammers, concrete saws and whacker packers. Durable, abrasion-resistant top-grain cowhide outer glove offers heavier protection compared to our Driver style gloves. Leather-over-foam pad gives extra protection over knuckles. Kevlar® stitching for burst-resistant seams. Gunn-cut for correct fit helps promote proper grip while reducing hand fatigue. Extended 10.16cm width wrist support helps keep wrist in a neutral position while shielding against flying debris entering the glove. Summerweight Anti Vibration gloves are the most popular style in both North America and Australia. Summerweight Anti-Vibration Gloves from OTB Products are becoming an industry standard VibrationReynard’s Disease (White finger) is a vibration injury that can be exceptionally debilitating; it is also insidious in nature, creeping up on you over time. Tingling and numbness soon progress into painful and often irreversible damage to fingers and hands. The good news is that, by using Anti-Vibration Gloves, it can be avoided. Those exposed to hand/arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) stand a good chance of getting White Finger. Early stages are not too bad – some loss of sensation in the fingers, followed by some pain then blanching of the fingers then loss of use of the fingers then – well we really don’t want to go there. Exposure to vibration has increased to the point where it is now common place in many industries and even in the home. Why? The simple answer is that all the products that were used 10-15 years ago have been powered up. Many power tool suppliers have taken steps to dampen vibration but it is almost impossible to completely eliminate vibration. Global Standards now recommend the use of Anti-vibration gloves when using vibration dampening powered tools and equipment. The combination of these will significantly reduce the instances of HAVS in the future. Council crews, SES crews, lawn mowing contractors, landscape gardeners and countless others can all minimise exposure to vibration by a combination of Anti Vibration gloves and selecting tools and equipment from responsible manufacturers. Chase Ergonomics have been manufacturing Anti Vibration gloves that exceed Global Standards. These anti vibration gloves, now available from OTB Products are designed for specific applications and have been well received by users. The Summerweight anti-vibration glove is the choice for Councils, contractors and domestic applications. Summerweight anti-vibration gloves offer dexterity and comfort and their material back helps reduce heat build-up. The Premium range is ideal for heavy duty applications i.e. Jack Hammers, while the Drivers style suits both light and heavy plant operators. Wrist Support style anti-vibration gloves – when using heavy tools and equipment for long periods choose a premium or drivers style anti-vibration glove for extra wrist support. Premium and Drivers Style Gfôm® anti –vibration Gloves are also available in half finger with and without wrist support. Remember that all Drivers and Premium style gloves full or half finger, with and without wrist support are sold individually. To provide for optimum protection and practicality you can select 1 half finger and 1 full finger with or without wrist support. Consider the tools and equipment being used and work out if one hand only needs to be full finger, e.g rattle gun, trigger hand full finger, support hand half finger. Fingers on the support hand exposed leaving full dexterity for picking up small objects. Nb.Half-finger gloves do not qualify for AV certification under the ANSI / EN/ISO standards because they are not full-finger. The Gfôm pads used in our half-finger gloves are the same, just missing the fingers. Note that vibration energy is transmitted through the fingers as well: certified full-finger gloves provide maximum protection. Anti-vibration gloves for use in oily, greasy and chemical applications. The range of leather gloves can be cleaned by wiping off the surface however in some really heavily contaminated situations you may want to consider the Decade anti-vibration glove liners – these anti-vibration liners are identical to the inside section of all Decade anti-vibration gloves the only difference and benefit in heavily contaminated situations is that a low cost outer glove can be used. Simply find the best outer glove for protection against the particular contaminant or conditions then select these in a size larger to fit over the liner. Under any outer glove, PVC, Nitrile of leather outer glove the same level of vibration protection will be afforded. Please note that since there is no provision for combined gloves in the standard, full liners do not qualify for AV certification under the ANSI / EN/ISO standards because they are 2 pieces. Remember the employer is the designated party responsible for the health and safety of its workers; Employers must provide a safe workplace for its employees. Employers need to purchase reduced vibration tools and compliant/certified anti-vibration gloves. Individual contractors need to provide PPE for themselves but their employers have a responsibility to ensure they do while carrying out work for them. The development of HAVS may be gradual, occurring over months or years, or a person may begin to feel tingling or numbness of the fingers within a few weeks. For most HAVS disorders, there is no medical cure. Therefore, protecting workers and removing hazards is critical. Wearing gloves to protect from vibration would seem to be an obvious solution, but simple fabric or leather gloves have basically no effect on vibration exposure. When sponge or foam materials are incorporated into gloves, they are inefficient at damping vibration. Visco-elastic materials perform better, but are still shown to be relatively inefficient, in some cases even amplifying vibration through human resonance. Hundreds of items are erroneously or deceptively labeled “anti-vibration”, but without testing and certification, those claims of reducing vibration are shaky at best. Insist on GFOM vibration reduction for your anti-vibration gloves and liners. Anti-vibration seat pad GFOM anti-vibration seat pads have been supplied for many years for just about every application. Heavy plant equipment, specialty mining vehicles, bob cats, fork lift trucks sweepers train drivers and many more. All vehicles vibrate and depending on applications, maintenance, terrain and time drivers can suffer short and long term affects from too much exposure. There are many padded cushions available for other than vibration issues but these fail to reduce the effects of vibration. The Heavy Duty GFOM anti-vibration cushion pad GSPAD offers a significant reduction in vibration levels flowing through to drivers. Provides enhanced protection from vibration and shock associated with operating both heavy, light and specialised vehicles and equipment. Exclusive Molded Gfôm® pad protection. Constructed of a durable canvas laminate cover and a 190mm thick pad of firm Gfôm® anti-vibration gel material. Comfort and safety for drivers ranging from forklift operators to long-distance truckers. Easy to move from station to station, this heavy cushion will not shift or bunch. Knee protection – if you’re kneeling on a hard surface i.e. transferring the weight from your feet to your knees and you don’t use some type of barrier in between to absorb or disburse the weight then you can expect to experiences pain and or cause an injury. When we kneel on an uneven surface we are also chancing joint injuries. Anyone in industry who periodically or continuously needs to spend time on their knees e.g. with knee contact on rough or smooth hard surfaces should invest in knee pads. Remember with injured or just pain in your knees getting around is arduous – why did it to yourself. If you experience persistent knee pain or swelling, you should contact your doctor. Your doctor is likely to take an x-ray to rule out further damage to the knee. Prepatellar bursitis can be diagnosed through a physical examination. This condition is treated conservatively. Treatment includes resting the affected knee and applying ice to it -- three to four times per day for no more than 20 minutes at a time. You should also try to keep your leg elevated as much as possible. Your doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications in order to help relieve the pain. If the pain and swelling persist, your doctor may opt to drain the bursa with a needle. If the pain and swelling become chronic, surgery can be performed to remove the bursa.

Prevention – use Knee pads

If you’re someone who regularly has to kneel then the best way to prevent prepatellar bursitis is to wear knee pads. Knee pads can provide an extra layer of padding between you and the floor which can help reduce the friction that occurs in your knees. You should also try to get up and move around in between jobs in order to stretch your legs. Try the latest Gel knee pads and experience the extraordinary level of comfort and protection provided. Knee injuries are way up in the top 5 when it comes to hours lost in industry and if you’re a contractor that can really hurt the back pocket. Knee Pads – application specific. OTB Products carry a wide range of knee pads acknowledging that one or two styles won’t offer the optimum level and comfort needed. The Allegro knee pads we carry are designed for superior comfort and support, our extensive range offers the right kneepad(s) for your application from flooring and landscape contractors to roofers, utility workers and welders. Strong lightweight construction, lightweight construction means you can wear them comfortably all day. Welding knee pads 6991-01Q - Tough heat-resistant leather that wraps over the top and down the back of the pad offering maximum protection from flying sparks. Soft cushioning ensures comfort. Elastic straps maintain a secure fit with the convenient quick release buckle. Non-marking poly cap increases protection. Because of its resistance to heat, this knee pad is ideal for welders, or any construction application such as concrete or flooring work. Softknee pads 7105 knee pads. A tough blend of cloth and EVA foam make these knee pads extra comfortable and easy to wear in non-abrasive environments. They slip on and off quickly without straps or buckle attachments. Easy to wear over or under trousers, they are lightweight and durable. Leather knee pad 6991. Tough abrasion-resistant leather for maximum protection and soft cushion back for comfort. Elastic straps with hook and loop closures ensure a secure fit because of its resistance to heat and fire this is ideal welders or any construction application such as concrete work Economy contour knee pad 7100-02 - Lightweight and low profile, the 12.5mm outer foam design allows for greater comfort and flexibility spring back memory. These pads are lined for extra absorption and the ribbed kneeling surface helps to minimise slippage. The 3.8mm hook and loop straps add stability and adjust for a custom fit. Flexknee 7103 Knee pads are perfect for grueling deep knee work that requires tough protection. Designed with lightweight pads capped by large abrasion-resistant rubber caps for long lasting wear. The wrap around cap design allows for maximum flexibility while maintaining a secure fit. Excellent for non-slip, hard surface work environments. Designed with hook and loop closures. Features 3.8cm nylon reinforced sewn on elastic dual straps, easy to adjust hook and loop closures or quick release buckle. The kneeling pad is riveted to exterior fabric, non-marking rubber cap for greater durability. Great weather and water-resistance, good oil resistance - anti-slip Inner pad is made from lightweight moulded foam giving day long comfort while still offering high tear strength and wear resistance Gel Flexknee 7103-GEL Knee pads. With all the properties and benefits of the standard Flexknee knee pads with the addition of silica gel insert cushions. These silica gel insert cushions protect the knee cap by dispersing pressure that can build from hours of kneeling. Treat yourself to protection and comfort with the Gel Flexknee knee pads. Ultra Flex knee 6987 knee pads. Allegro’s Ultra Flexknee is ribbed across the knee for easy flexing and maximum comfort above the knee. It is designed with a grooved kneeling surface for non-slip stability and to hold its shape better. Can be used in a wide variety of applications. Exterior shell and buttons, Grooved pattered surface for non-slip stability Extended knee covering prevents debris from getting inside kneepad. Inner pad is EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) for greater comfort. Water resistant straps made from Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) are easy to adjust for a comfortable custom fit. Dual straps.

Ultra Gel Flex knee 6987-GEL

ULTRA GEL FLEXKNEE KNEE PAD This kneepad is ultra durable, ultra flexible and ultra comfortable for all day use, day after day. The lightweight poly material is ribbed across the knee for easy flexing, and maximum comfort above the knee. The kneeling surface is designed to hold its contoured shape and is constructed with a silica gel pad insert which cushions the knee-cap allowing maximum protection and comfort. Unique, easy to adjust rubber straps offer a comfortable, custom fit. Exterior shell and buttons; PVC cap, grooved for non-slip and stability, translucent light blue colour, extended knee covering prevents debris from getting inside kneepad. Inner pad; gel insert provides super comfort and they are made of RB C1800 Neoprene covered soft silica. Greater comfort, ideal for all day and everyday tasks. Straps are Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) and are easy to adjust for a comfortable custom fit.