Body Glove Unisize Elbow Wrap


Provides gentle support to sore or injured elbow without the discomfort caused by many slip-on elastics. Tailored wrap allows adjustment of light to mild compression to both upper and lower arm.  Completely covers elbow joint.  Soft, springy fabric protects sensitive “funny bone” from contact.  One size fits all (right or left) and makes quick work of stocking, inventory, and reordering.
Support is constructed of Body Glove Safety’s exclusive Tradewinds® 100% open-cell breathable neoprene.  As sturdy and snug-fitting as closed-cell (wetsuit) neoprene, Tradewinds holds its shape and offers a smooth, non-irritating surface, comfortable in hot or humid
weather or under clothing.  Open cells will not close up when bunched or, most importantly, when stretched.
One size fits all (right or left).
Open cells will not close up when bunched or, most importantly, when stretched.
Hand wash warm, mild detergent. Dry flat.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30 × 15 × 15 cm