Dome Style ECO Anti Fatigue Mat


The industry standard DOME style anti fatigue mat is the most popular anti fatigue matting on the market, with a Dome (bubble) surface that offers both safety and comfort.  Made from tough and durable natural rubber with no substances of concern.  Available in 4 sizes.  The 10m Roll is ideal for long behind counter and warehouse picking areas.

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Dome mats Nicknamed Bubble mats are designed and constructed to provide anti-fatigue relief for those standing on hard surfaces i.e. hardwood, tile, concrete and paving surfaces.

The dome design is of structural importance with the sides of the dome thicker to progressively thinner toward the top of the dome. Poorly designed and the level of anti-fatigue would be reduced making them less effective.

Today the Anti-Fatigue Dome (Bubble Mat) is the single most popular anti-fatigue mat around the world. We often think of personal safety as Eye, Head, Respiratory foot and hand protection for protection against flying debris, heavy objects and contaminated atmospheres and rightly so. However these dangers are highly visible and well catered for with the higher safety standards which go right down to the provision of PPE.

Consider the issues facing a person standing on their feet for long periods on hard surfaces with just the thickness of standard shoes for cushioning. Tired legs are the least of their worries although still a major reason why those affected look for alternative employment. Let’s focus on the life altering issues;- severe long term pain from deterioration of the lower musculoskeletal areas feet, ankle, knee, hip and lower back. Add damage to the vascular system and even unsightly varicose veins and you start to understand that anything that can be done to reduce risks of these ailments is just as important as PPE provided required to other people at risk in all  industrial and commercial vocations.

As a first step to minimising risk to employees or self to any or all the above mentioned ailments, consideration to simply providing a well made anti-fatigue mat would be a major step in the right direction. All other options to reduce exposure to what could be long term debilitating injuries from standing on hard surfaces should be considered.

Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to keep your feet active – moving easily without you really being conscious of your movement – this keeps your circulatory and muscles system stimulated.

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