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Silynx Communication Systems

Communications systems built for Industry, Police, Emergency Services and Military. Silynx designed and manufactured to deliver performance and reliability.

Features & Benefits

● Clear two-way radio communication in high-noise environments
● Compatible with leading two-way radios via removable wired connection or Bluetooth
● Bluetooth cellular connection for conversation and audio streaming (HFP, HSP and
A2DP profiles)
● Improved Short Range with VOX capabilities and additional channel banks for
headset-to-headset communications
● FM Radio enable/disable: Ability to listen to commercial FM Radio stations
● Upgraded battery life (up to 24 hours) for use in multiple shifts
● SENS® Technology — remain aware of surrounding noises and hazards
● 360° situational awareness
● Enhances speech while suppressing background noise to a safe level
● Face-to-face communication in high noise
● Limit ‘in-ear’ exposure to 82 dB(A)
● Noise-canceling boom mic
● Available in headband, behind-the-neck, and helmet style NRR 23-27 dB / SNR 30-33
dB / SLC80 26-31 dB, Class 5.
● Intrinsically safe SM1P-Ex series IECEx approved.
● Certified to (when fitted with BATO0005):
○ IEC Ex ib | Mb (-20°C < Ta < +60°C)
○ IEC Ex ib IIC T4 Gb (-20°C < Ta < +40°C),
○ IEC Ex ib IIIC T155°C Db (-20°C < Ta < +40°C)

Be the productivity and safety leader in your industry with our unique and innovative SENS®
Technology providing hearing protection, 360° situational awareness and total communication
(face-to-face, two-way radio, Bluetooth and Short Range Headset-to headset).

The SM1P02-Ex provides essential features and benefits to improve safety, reliability, and
efficiency in high noise and hazardous work environments.

These headsets use Sensear’s SENS® technology to enhance speech and suppress noise
while the noise-canceling boom mic filters out background noise so that clear speech is
transmitted through the microphone. SM1P02-Ex’s upgraded Bluetooth® module also allows for
the streaming of audio to the headset.

The new cable connection at ear cup allows you to use it as a wired headset along with
Bluetooth and Short Range or unplug the cable and use it as a completely wireless headset via
Bluetooth and Short Range. The SM1P02-Ex series is Intrinsically Safe certified to ATEX and
IECEx standards for use in Hazardous Environments.

Advantages include

● 360-degree situational awareness
● Electronic Volume Limiter
● Cellular Bluetooth Face to Face Communication
● Protects Hearing
● Short Range Communication
● Two-way Radios
● Speech Enhancement
● Noise Suppression
● Intrinsic Safety

Contact us with your requirements, stating make and model of radio’s and type of PAPR helmets and face masks and we will quote you on a Silynz Communications system to suit.