Low Profile Vortex Cooling Vest


The Allegro Low Profile Vortex Cooling Vest is simple to use and lightweight.  Good for all fabrication, metal extrusion and welding applications.  Comes complete with Vortex cooler.


The A8450 Allegro Low Profile Vortex Cooling Vest is designed to afford cooling to personnel in circumstances where air conditioning is not feasible. The vest connects to any existing clean compressed air source. Engineered jets keep the wearer continuously cooled with refrigerated air. The airflow enhances the body’s natural evaporative cooling. The airflow additionally keeps the grit, dust and fibres out. Available with a vortex cooler for additional cooling effect.  For a downloadable datasheet please click on the following link – 8450-Low-Profile-Vortex-Air-Vest
• Durable and rugged construction
• Breathable material
• Nylon belt keeps vest secure
• Plastic buckle
• Can be worn under protective clothing
• Standard size can fit body weight
• 130-225 lbs (58.9-102.5 kg)
• Lightweight (1.5 lbs) (0.68 kg)
• Exchanges air seven times a minute
• Quiet operation
• Recommended for environments up to 120° F (48.8° C)
With no moving parts, the vortex tube spins filtered compressed air to separate it into cold and hot air streams by forcing the compressed air through a generation chamber which spins the air centrifugally along the inner walls at a high rate of speed toward the control valve producing a cold airstream.
Body: Plastic
Fitting: Stainless steel Snap-tite ¼” (0.63 cm) coupler
Belt: Nylon
Air Consumption: 8-10 CFM @ 80-100 PSI (13.59-16.99 m3
/hr @ 5.52-6.9 bar)
• Provides continuous cool air deliver
• Easy temperature adjustment even with gloved hands
• No moving parts, exceptionally reliable
• Control valve allows for temperature adjustment
• Will cool compressed air 25° F (-13.8° C)

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 15 cm