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Welding Products and Welding Helmet with Respirator

Welding helmets with respirators are now common place in industry around the world. Most of these combinations have electronic (active) welding lenses/Filters and powered air purifying respirators (PAPR’S) offering optimum respiratory (Lung protection) plus eye, face and neck protection. However most leave out one very major requirement i.e. hard hat protection. Industries where welding is a daily and sometimes day long task are often medium to heavy industry, places where plant environments mandate the wearing of hard hats. Some construction sites require welders to wear a standard hard hat on site while making their way to an area to carry out welding.

Best Welding Helmet with Respirator

The ultimate answer is a PAPR or Powered air purifying respirator helmet, hard hat approved with welding shield, electronic (active) or passive lens/filter. The Pureflo ESM welding helmet with respirator offers all needs in one unique fully integrated unit with an Australian/New Zealand hard hat approval

The Pureflo ESM – welding helmet with respirator filters out welding fumes and ABE gas/vapour contaminants and delivers the wearer 170 litres of filtered air down over the head and face. The fully integrated unit with batteries, motor fan and filters all housed in the well balanced helmet has a lift up welding shield and comes with the comfortable spark proof neck cape seal. Waist packs, hoses and cables to batteries are not needed – just adjust the headband to suit, put on the Pureflo ESM and pull down the visor - you’re ready to go. Using passive welding lenses (not so common these days) you will need to slip the welding shield up from time to time but with the active lens/filter version of the Pureflo ESM welding helmet with respirator, you would only need to flip up the shield when you’re going for a break.

The Pureflo ESM welding powered air supplied respirator offers all the positive pressure benefits of the Pureflo ESM General Industry models, see comparison with negative pressures respirators.

Comparison: Positive pressure PAPR versus negative pressure respirators.

Powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) apart from the obvious one of Zero extra breathing effort let’s look at the other benefits;-

From a safety point of view (Pureflo ESM PAPR)

When the Pureflo ESM is worn, safety professionals know that along with respiratory protection the wearer has head, eye and face protection.

Increased safety from higher protection levels,

All in one means the perfect fit (respiratory/head eye/face) – no gaps between respirators, face shields and hard hats.

The wearer is less likely to tire and tiredness is known to increase accidents

Because of the comfort level the wearer will use their Pureflo

From a wearers point of view

The wearer will not have the irritation caused by tight fitting mask which can leave red marks and lines.

Sweat and ambient airborne contaminants won’t build up on mask seals

Knowledge that they are being supplied the best PPE available

Air is continually delivered – no extra effort required = reduced tiredness

From the managements point of view

Less tiredness, less accidents, less downtime

Greater productivity – less tiredness = focused attention to tasks

Better relationship with employees

Meeting duty of care requirements

Low cost of ownership.

The Pureflo ESM welding PAPR respirator Helmet is approved to AS/NZS1716, AS/NZS1801 and AS/NZS1337. The unit runs for >8 hours on a 2.5hour charge (2 batteries) and offers a constant airflow with warning alarms for filter and battery condition.

We have certainly come a long way in looking after the health of welders. In 1965 a welder was supplied with a hand held passive welding shield and provided with a bottle of milk. Today the breathing zone inside a PAPR welding helmet is better than walking down a main street inhaling car and truck fumes. You could say the air quality is better than that of walking down a country road where although the air is cleaner, pollen would be present. Trial a Pureflo ESM welding helmet with respirator – call us on 1300 310 210.

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