SAVOX Delsar Victim Simulator with Remote Control


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SAVOX Delsar Victim Simulator with Remote Control

Product code: 6020-03-006

Savox Delsar Victim Simulator (DVS) is an excellent training tool for victim search and rescue, as well as a surface materials calibration unit for the Delsar’s seismic sensors.

Victim Training Tool

For training purposes, the simulator can be hidden in a fake rubble pile or parking garage to provide a constant tapping noise for the trainees to locate. The remote control gives the trainers flexibility to change the rhythm to simulate real-life search scenarios as victims do not always make a constant sound.

Surface Material Calibration

Grass, carpet, wood, gravel, concrete and steel have different seismic properties that affect how far the sensors need to placed apart from each other. Soft materials absorb vibration which can limit the distances between sensors well below the supplied 10 meter cables. A simple test using the DVS helps search teams determine the safe and allowable distance between sensors by using a constant, consistent vibration signature.


How to Calibrate Surface Materials

  • Place the DVS on the material you wish to use the seismic sensors.
  • Move a seismic sensor away from the DVS until it can no longer be heard through the headset.
  • Bring the sensor back to the last point it was heard and measure that distance from the DVS and multiply by 2.
  • This gives you the maximum distance between sensors.
  • If you move to a new material, calibrate again.