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Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR Respirator)

Why use powered air purifying respirators, commonly called PAPR’s or PAPD’s Powered air purifying devices, also known as positive pressure powered air respirators? Why would you need one?
This is the main question asked and almost certainly by those who have never had to wear a negative pressure respirator. OH&S organisations around the world are recommending that any person that needs to wear a respirator to protect their lungs for more than 1 or 2 hours per day should use a PAPR positive pressure respirator.

Powered Air Respirator

Powered air purifying respirators deliver the filtered air to the wearer whereas negative respirators rely on the wearer using more energy (Heart and Lung) to drag air through the filters. The positive pressure from Powered air purifying respirators PAPR’s also aids in dispersing exhaled air from the breathing Zone. Exhalation valves on negative pressure respirators need assistance from the wearer’s lungs to open and clear exhaled air. In a nut shell, the effect of wearing Positive pressure powered air purifying respirators PAPR’s versus negative pressure respirators, results in a substantial reduction in exertion. Simple terms; wearing a negative pressure respirator could double your efforts to breathe i.e. 4 hours work taking 8 hours of effort. There is no doubt that the main advantage of wearing a positive pressure powered respirator/Powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is the reduction in effort required throughout the time worn, but there other significant benefits;- PAPR’s e.g. the Pureflo ESM are complete lung/head/face and eye integrated units designed to go together. These units offer hard hat head protection to AS/NZS1801, respiratory protection to AS/NZS1716 gas/vapour/particles, high impact, molten metal and chemical splash eye and face protection to AS/NZS1337. The Pureflo ESM not only offers protection to head/lungs/eye’s and face but it does so without cumbersome waist mounted back packs of other types. These have hoses and cables connected to the Helmet/respirators and they can cause mobility issues e.g. restricting use when seated on plant vehicles as well as snagging when moving around. The Pureflo ESM is the complete and fully integrated system with no trailing cables or hoses that offers full mobility. Experience no increase in breathing effort, 170/200 litres air flow, 8 hours battery life, 2.5 hour recharge time, optically correct vision through 180 degree face shield and super comfortable neck seal. Audible and visual alarms provide battery and filter life warnings.

PAPR Respirator

The Pureflo ESM can be accessorised with alternate visors, neck capes and aluminised hard hats to suit almost all applications. Returning to that question why do you need a Powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) apart from the obvious one of Zero extra breathing effort let’s look at the other benefits;-
  • From a safety point of view (Pureflo ESM PAPR)
  • When the Pureflo ESM is worn, safety professionals know that along with respiratory protection the wearer has head, eye and face protection.
  • Increased safety from higher protection levels,
  • All in one means the perfect fit (respiratory/head eye/face) – no gaps between individual respirators, face shields and hard hats.
  • The wearer is less likely to tire and tiredness is known to increase accidents
  • Because of the comfort level the wearer will use their Pureflo
  • From a wearers point of view
  • The wearer will not have the irritation caused by tight fitting masks which can leave red marks and lines.
  • Sweat and ambient airborne contaminants won’t build up on mask seals
  • Knowledge that they are being supplied the best PPE available
  • Air is continually delivered – no extra effort required = reduced tiredness
  • From management's point of view
  • Less tiredness, less accidents, less downtime
  • Greater productivity – less tiredness = focused attention to tasks
  • Better relationship with employees
  • Meeting duty of care requirements
  • Low cost of ownership.