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Silicosis is a Killer – Protect Yourself From Silicosis

Introducing a range of All-In-One Powered Air Purifying Respirators

Queensland, Australia – OTB Products, a leading provider of personal protective equipment (PPE) and Industrial Safety Equipment, is proud to offer a range of Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) solutions to help combat the risks of silicosis from stone-cutting.


Silicosis is a lung disease that is caused by exposure to silica dust. Workers in industries such as stone cutting, mining, and construction are at a higher risk of developing silicosis due to the high levels of silica dust in their work environment. Silicosis can be a debilitating and even life-threatening condition, so it is crucial to prevent exposure to silica dust.


OTB Products understands the importance of protecting workers in high-risk industries and offers a range of PAPR solutions specifically for stone cutting.


PAPR systems use a powered air-purifying respirator to provide filtered air to the worker, reducing their exposure to silica dust.


OTB Products’ range of PAPR solutions offers several benefits, including:


  • All-In-One PAPR units. No cumbersome hoses, backpacks or belt mounted components.
  • Enhanced respiratory protection: Our PAPR systems provide a higher respiratory protection level than traditional respirators.
  • Increased comfort: Our PAPR systems are designed for maximum comfort and ease of use, allowing workers to focus on their tasks.
  • Customisable options: Our PAPR solutions can be customised to meet your workforce’s and environment’s specific needs.


The best type of PAPR is comfortable to wear and does not encumber the wearer. The Purelite Xstream and Pureflo ESM+ are fully integrated systems with no external hoses, cables, or waist-mounted backpacks. To put on the PAPR, the wearer simply opens the neck cape or face seal and places it over the head.


OTB Products’ commitment to providing high-quality PPE is reflected in our range of PAPR solutions for stone cutting. Our PAPR systems are designed to help protect workers from the risks of silicosis, and we are proud to be part of the effort to create safer work environments for those in high-risk industries.


For more information on our range of PAPR solutions, please visit:



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